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Exercises of the Mind – Hyrule

triforce stained-glass

I mentioned earlier this week that I’ve been writing a bit a of poetry lately. This is the reason I have a blog, to post the junk that comes out of my head, hoping that some folks out there find it interesting. So, here goes…

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Trimming the Fat: Metroid

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece that tried to explored a few possible solutions to the challenge of adapting Mass Effect for film. I liked the idea, so I figured I’d try another property. On the chopping block today: Metroid.

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Late to the Party: Pokemon X/Y Mini Review

After 17 years, Satoshi Tajiri’s Pocket Monsters are still raking in mountains of cash for Nintendo and delighting many aspiring trainers all over the world. Now that I’ve had ample time to play through the core experience, here are my thoughts as a 16-year Pokemon veteran…

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The Fanboy Mentality: Exclusives Do and Don’t Matter

Next-Gen Controllers

This post started out as a “top-5-games-of-the-console-generation” type thing, list and all. I solicited a discussion from my friends on Facebook to help me process the topic. I mean, after 8 years, there are a lot of games that could fill the top 5 of this sort of list. My goal was to compare my own thoughts with those of my friends and scores on Metacritic, compile a list of 5 worthy titles, and then write about them. Well, something happened in the midst of that discussion. I realized something was coloring the discussion, something that I never really thought to fully explore: the effect of console bias.

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OMG, Nintendo… WTF…

Breaking news today Nintendo fans. Two bits actually. One is really big and arguably overdue, the other is… I don’t know what it is, really.

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