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Exercises of the Mind – How I Love

I try not to get too political or religious here, but from time to time I just have get some things off my chest just like anyone else. Lately, this topic has been creeping up in my everyday a little too much from a few too many sources, and I’m kind of fed up with it in general anyway. Please don’t take this to any extreme.

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My Room is a Time Machine

Over the last few weeks, I’ve taken up the challenge of finally doing something about this pig pin I call a bedroom. I’ll admit, I haven’t been very good at cleaning up. Not that I’m unable to let go of

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rand() thoughts – What I Want for Gaming’s Future: Part 2


If there is one thing about modern gaming that pretty much solidifies video games as a form of art, it would have to be the unique quality of highly interactive storytelling. There are few other forms of art that can achieve the same level of participation without altering the base work, and like many other forms of visual art, the experience is often what is most important. For this next generation of games, I want to see virtual storytelling evolve…

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rand() thoughts – What I Want for Gaming’s Future: Part 1

Next-Gen Controllers

We all know that fancy high-definition graphics and innovative game play are going to be present in spades, but I want to discuss some the things we tend to take for granted. That is, if we even bother to think about them at all. If we want the future of video gaming to continue to be fruitful and exhilarating, I think we all – gamers and game makers alike – should remember that we need each other. So, show some RESPECT…

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MTAC Odyssey

April 30 through May 2, 2010… The otaku horde descended upon Nashville, Tennessee for “3 Days of Anime.” The result: MTAC Odyssey. The Middle Tennessee Anime Convention has been a yearly event in the mid-state for a while now, this

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