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Late to the Party: Pokemon X/Y Mini Review

After 17 years, Satoshi Tajiri’s Pocket Monsters are still raking in mountains of cash for Nintendo and delighting many aspiring trainers all over the world. Now that I’ve had ample time to play through the core experience, here are my thoughts as a 16-year Pokemon veteran…

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See, what had happened was…

… Life happened, that what. I swear, the past two weeks have been stupid crazy for me. Each time I got a moment to do some blogging or much needed work on one of several in the air projects, I

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Charizard Use Overeat!

My apologies, this post has nothing to do with pokemon. That is, not unless someone has ordered a Charizard to make sure my computer dies on me every time I want to do something productive today. My poor little three-year-old

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