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The Fanboy Mentality: Exclusives Do and Don’t Matter

Next-Gen Controllers

This post started out as a “top-5-games-of-the-console-generation” type thing, list and all. I solicited a discussion from my friends on Facebook to help me process the topic. I mean, after 8 years, there are a lot of games that could fill the top 5 of this sort of list. My goal was to compare my own thoughts with those of my friends and scores on Metacritic, compile a list of 5 worthy titles, and then write about them. Well, something happened in the midst of that discussion. I realized something was coloring the discussion, something that I never really thought to fully explore: the effect of console bias.

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PS4 Launches November 15

Sony announced the release date for its upcoming PlayStation 4 game console at Gamescom 2013!

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rand() thoughts – What I Want for Gaming’s Future: Part 1

Next-Gen Controllers

We all know that fancy high-definition graphics and innovative game play are going to be present in spades, but I want to discuss some the things we tend to take for granted. That is, if we even bother to think about them at all. If we want the future of video gaming to continue to be fruitful and exhilarating, I think we all – gamers and game makers alike – should remember that we need each other. So, show some RESPECT…

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Late to the Party: The Last of Us Mini Review

Joel and Ellie

I waited a week before writing this post because I wanted to be sure I processed my experience with this game fully. Make no mistake, Naughty Dog has crafted yet another epic gaming experience just as it did with the Uncharted trilogy, but be prepared to get nasty and gritty. The Last of Us is a trip down the long road of depravity that humanity is ever tempted to walk. And its an incredibly fun trip.

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E3 2013: Sony First Impressions

PS4 - Console and price

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I guess this featured image is all I need to post…

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