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rand() thoughts – What I Want for Gaming’s Future: Part 2


If there is one thing about modern gaming that pretty much solidifies video games as a form of art, it would have to be the unique quality of highly interactive storytelling. There are few other forms of art that can achieve the same level of participation without altering the base work, and like many other forms of visual art, the experience is often what is most important. For this next generation of games, I want to see virtual storytelling evolve…

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Late to the Party: The Last of Us Mini Review

Joel and Ellie

I waited a week before writing this post because I wanted to be sure I processed my experience with this game fully. Make no mistake, Naughty Dog has crafted yet another epic gaming experience just as it did with the Uncharted trilogy, but be prepared to get nasty and gritty. The Last of Us is a trip down the long road of depravity that humanity is ever tempted to walk. And its an incredibly fun trip.

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