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The Fanboy Mentality: Exclusives Do and Don’t Matter

Next-Gen Controllers

This post started out as a “top-5-games-of-the-console-generation” type thing, list and all. I solicited a discussion from my friends on Facebook to help me process the topic. I mean, after 8 years, there are a lot of games that could fill the top 5 of this sort of list. My goal was to compare my own thoughts with those of my friends and scores on Metacritic, compile a list of 5 worthy titles, and then write about them. Well, something happened in the midst of that discussion. I realized something was coloring the discussion, something that I never really thought to fully explore: the effect of console bias.

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rand()thoughts: E3 2010 Nintendo Preview

In just one week, the gaming industry will swamp LA for the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo – E3. This year looks to be a big year for each of the industry’s biggest competitors as Microsoft and Sony both look to

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Toku Tuesday Special #1 – Kamen Rider Samus

If you haven’t checked out the last few posts, you won’t know that there has been a lot of toku talk around here. It’s kinda hard to come up with interesting stuff to talk about when you work on a

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